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Tad Talks: Frankie Herbert

Tad Talks: Frankie Herbert

We met with model turned holistic well-being guru Frankie Herbert to chat all things Reiki healing, her dog Chicky, cooking and jewels. As someone who is committed to empowering and healing others through RTT, Frankie is a woman we want to know!

The Daily

What does a day in the life of Frankie look like?

I start my day with snuggles from Chicky my rescue pup, she likes to stay in bed whilst I make myself a coffee and do a meditation or potter about getting ready for the day. We then go for a long walk when she’s finally up, she’s the lie in queen! When I come back I’ll make myself and Chick some breakfast, tidy my flat, light some incense or a candle, write my to do list for the day and set some intentions and then, I check my emails.

Some days I have a few people I work with, so I’m focused on preparing for my sessions, other days I have some more free time, I spend a lot of that time pottering around my flat, making little updates and changes or studying, I am currently studying Chinese medicine and healing nutrition. I usually try make it to the gym for a hot yoga class and do another long walk after the day is over, I’m a bit of a home bunny these days so I usually will make myself some dinner, hang out with my flatmates, read or watch some tv, and snooze by 11pm!

The Work

For people who might not know, tell us a bit more about RTT?

Of course! It is the most wonderful stand alone therapy, created by Marisa Peer, it combines CBT, Neurolinguistic Programming, neuroscience and hypnosis. It’s won many awards, and something I find incredible is that most issues can be cured in 1-3 RTT sessions. By harnessing the power of our minds and going into REM (the dream and hypnosis state), the conscious mind is relaxed, the powerful subconscious mind then does a phenomenal job of taking a person back to the root cause, where we then can do really powerful healing work, followed by rewiring of the mind to create and form new and exciting beliefs. RTT helps get to the true root of the problem, my first session as a patient was absolutely life changing, I felt total understanding of myself and I never had felt better.

What inspired your career in holistic wellbeing?

To be honest, i was privileged enough to have experienced a fair few jobs in various industries before settling down in this field of work. I struggled to find meaning and rarely felt super excited for the working week. I realised that I had 35-40 hours of the working week and in order to feel really happy, I needed to find my purpose. To do this, I asked myself what I love the most in the world and how exactly do I want to feel at the end of the day. I came back with cooking (it makes me feel creative, independent, empowered and like an alchemist) and, helping people (what better feeling!?).

I decided that training to become a chef may mean that the experimental freedom and joy that comes with cooking at home rarely using recipes may be tainted, and I really appreciated that time for myself, so I began studying counselling and psychotherapy before discovering RTT and Reiki and putting my focus into making those two my careers!

What do you love most about your job?

Knowing I have provided space for someone brave enough to want to work on themselves. I love seeing the progress people make, when I am talking to people about what I do and seeing results, I feel like I’m living, or I’m contributing to the world in a meaningful way and that’s all I hope for in my lifetime.

What would you say to someone wanting to try Reiki?

Do it, send me an email or reach out to someone you know who does reiki and give it a whirl, do not be nervous! It’s wonderful and a totally relaxing experience. It can be strange at first if you’ve never experienced any energy work, but it is truly a lovely and powerful form of healing that can help with almost anything.


We know that you also love to cook, what is your go-to recipe for a feel-good meal?

Yesss!! I looooove to cook. I think my go to feel good recipe is my warm kale and cavelo Nero salad, especially this time of year when it’s still cold here in London.

Step 1.

Fry some bacon (I use veggie bacon but you can use meat if you’d rather) and one sliced or crushed garlic clove in a wok or large pan with some good oil and a small knob of good quality butter.

Step 2.

Fry on a medium heat until crisp, then toss in fresh washed organic kale and cavelo Nero with a generous pinch of chilli flakes. Toss in the pan with bacon and garlic for 3 mins or until the stems are softened.

Step 3.

Pop it all into a lovely big salad bowl and cover in Parmesan cheese, lots of black pepper, a sprinkle of salt (to taste), a big squeeze of lemon and a drizzle of really good olive oil! Voila, super healthy, super yummy and so so so easy to make.

The Jewels

What is your most treasured piece of jewellery?

My grandmother passed away in 2019 and left me a pearl and diamond bracelet that my grandfather bought her when she gave birth to my dad. It’s unbelievably beautiful but the sentiment is why I treasure it so much, it’s a really amazing heirloom and I absolutely adore it.

If you could access anyone’s jewellery box - dead or alive who would it be?

I always thought that elvis wore the coolest rings, but I would love to borrow Rihannas jewellery, that queen serves perfect looks every single time.

Favourite piece from Tada & Toy?

My chunky gold earrings with the multi coloured crystals in them! I’ve never worn them without being complimented at least once, they elevate any outfit and I wore them last year in the summer with absolutely everything including just a bikini. I also adore the dagger necklace, I need to get myself one of those!!

We loved chatting to Frankie and hearing how she came to find her passion in Reiki healing and holistic wellbeing. You can red more about the services Frankie offers here.