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Journey of a Design: Crystallised Star Hoops

Journey of a Design: Crystallised Star Hoops

Collage of stars across different mediums, including hand drawn sketches, stars on a dress, starfish, and a star created by buildings from a photo taken from the ground up

We always look first to nature, fashion, architecture and art as a starting point for each Tada & Toy design.

With this design we were drawn to the star fish as a starting point and merged that natural shape with many cultural references to the celestial. Whilst The original Star Hoops are perfect for everyday, we wanted to create a piece more embellished and glamorous for evening wear.

Design sketchbook, with sketches highlighting the natural curves of a star and what it would look like on a person's ear. Two golden samples sit on the sketchbook.

First, we play around in a sketch book imagining how the hoop would fit to the ear and making sure to get the details of the inspiration in each piece.

The next step happens in India, where our amazing workshops help to make our designs reality and we sample endlessly until every detail is perfect.

Collage of photos showing the workshops and getting the details correct

Final product: image of star shaped earrings